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Monday, February 2, 2009

Tri-State Casino Owner Danny Adkins On Hot Seat In Former Employee Embezzlement Trial In Michigan

Updated...2/4/2009....Former Hartman & Tyner payroll clerk, 42 year old Hanan Dallo, was found GUILTY in the Oakland County Circuit Court in Michigan on embezzlement charges. She was accused of being involved in a 4 million dollar swindle in which she approved phony construction work orders in a scheme from 2004 to 2007. She worked for the company 20 years. The Jury began deliberating Tuesday afternoon and returned the guilty verdict today.

In his opening argument, prosecutor Don Novy said Dallo was in cahoots with the owner of a company called USA Construction, which submitted the bogus invoices for work that was never done on properties owned by Hartman & Tyner.

According to the Daily Tribune Newspaper, her attorney, Mark Satawa, told the jury that while Dallo’s name and password were used to change purchase orders, there was no evidence found on Dallo’s work station or computer to link her to the alleged crimes. He said more than 150 people had access to Hartman & Tyner’s accounting system.

Hartman & Tyner Vice President, Danny Adkins, who is well known in Charleston WV as the owner of the Tri-State Casino in Cross Lanes, took the stand first for the prosecution and was grilled by defense attorney Satawa concerning other allegations of fraud and embezzlement that has also occurred at Tri-State Casino. Adkins is alleged to be personally caught up in those reported schemes.

According to our source at the trial, Satawa asked Adkins numerous questions about the contents and allegations against Adkins that are contained in stories that this news website, West Virginia News, posted over the past several months (links are below). Satawa asked Adkins about any involvement he personally had regarding alleged tax evasion, fraud, embezzlement, mishandling of funds, over payments and at least one dummy corporations to funnel monies to avoid taxes.

Adkins denied the allegations while under oath and stated it was just a vendetta against him written on a local WV news blog “by two individuals who probably do not even exist.” When asked if the dummy corporation “Florida Racing Services” described in our story that was used to siphon off money actually existed, Adkins reportedly admitted "yes."

Her attorney says Hanan Dallo is steadfast to her innocence in the alleged scheme and felt she would be found innocent of the charges. He also said that the case against his client was highly circumstantial evidence. The most damaging evidence were the bank statements that showed Dallo received nine hundred thousand plus dollars in the same time period.

Dallo stated the money did come from the USA Construction Company owner whom she was having an affair with. She did not take the stand in her defense.

As we reported in our news stories on Hartman & Tyner and the Tri-State Casino, former GM Chris Brewer told this author that the same type of over payments and questionable work orders were submitted for payment at that casino during the same time period. But, she refused to sign them until Danny Adkins approved them first.
Brewer felt at the time something was not right with the requests, and she did not want to end up someones scapegoat.

Ironically, and what could be construed as either a coincident or “schmoozing” in a time of need, Hartman & Tyner recently donated 5 million dollars to a local Michigan hospital shortly before Ms Dallo’s trial was to begin. Ironically again, when Danny Adkins was called in front of the Kanawha County Commission in late 2008 to explain why Tri-State casino had not kept to their promise of building a hotel, table games and at least a thousand new jobs; he generously handed the Arts center in Charleston $100,000 cash right before the commission meeting began in an effort to calm down the three commissioners and upset county residents.

Danny Adkins, along with other Hartman & Tyner executives have sat in the trial each day.
When the verdict was announced, Hanan Dallo was taken into custody and is now awaiting sentencing. She faces 10 years in prison. A civil court proceeding is also pending that was filed by Hartman & Tyner who are suing her for thirteen million dollars. Dallo has also filed for bankruptcy.
Her son says she will appeal the conviction....

End Of Story…..

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Daily Tribune Story On Trial



Anonymous said...

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concerned citizen and ex-juror said...

Ok so I'm hoping that her son was your informant considering you said her son said she will appeal the conviction. Otherwise it's her lawyer.. and I hope that's not the case. A lawyer giving a blog owner information on a case just to make Dan Atkins look bad..especially when there might be an appeal and there is every chance a juror in this technologically advanced age would research everything online (although told not to)is messed up. That's not the way to win a case.

Being a juror in that trial I can tell you what would have helped her, according to many of the other jurors.. That is, going on the stand in her own defense or at least calling one witness of their own on her behalf. The defense had not one witness!! How lazy.

Coming out of all of this today and finally researching everything. I think Dan Atkins and all the others are as crooked as can be. I knew it all along. Unfortunately Hanan did have something to do with all of this and yes she was used as everyone else's scapegoat. She was the one who was caught and she's paying the price while the others will probably sit around laughing..

As far as I'm concerned almost all of those witnesses were guilty of something and here is my message to them. YOU'RE GUILTY and you will get yours in the end. You let one woman fall for something you all were doing. If nothing else you're at least going to hell. I hope you never have another peaceful nights sleep in your life. I will say no more at this time due to the fact I don't know what I am allowed by law to say.

Thank you to the blog owner for reporting on all of this.. keep an eye on these people, it seems no one else really is. Money talks I guess.

And one last note to you. Danny Adkins did NOT say it was a vendetta against him so your source is either mistaken or filling you full of bs. He did however mention the blog but then basically said "so what? who cares about some blog online".

Anonymous said...

So when are the Feds going to come after Dan Adkins for his role in both the Michigan & West Virginia schemes. Hanan Dallo was not by herself in this.

She is just the one who got in trouble so far. It will be an injustice for the rest of them to just walk away.

Hey Mr Danny Adkins, you can run but you cant hide!

blueridgewv said...

Has anyone noticed the state newspapers (who supported the gambling expansion) will not publish anything that might appear critical of this corrupt industry? It's all about the money, and the government is playing the "house", which always wins.

Hats off to this good article. Hope it goes viral and to mainstream as it should.

Anonymous said...


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