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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Has US Senator Manchin Failed To Pay WV Real Estate Taxes Again

Manchin Not Only Left WV Behind But Also His Friends And Back Taxes by Jack Swint - Publisher

Once again, the Manchins failed to pay their Kanawha county real estate property taxes in WV. We called the Kanawha County Tax division and were told to use the online state approved website “wvpropertytaxes.com”. According to the records located, Joe and Gayle have not paid any 2010 real estate tax on their home located at 505 Havana Drive in Hemingway Place, Charleston.

Reportedly, as of this date, (linked below) the Manchins still owe a total of $1,069.00 for the first half of 2010, and the same amount for the second. Their account also shows listed as “delinquent” in the first and second half tax year deadlines, with a grand total due of $2, 150.54 (which includes $13.36 in late fees) if paid by this coming Monday, February 28, 2011.

This is not the first time the Manchins have been delinquent, they were late paying the second half of their 2009 real estate taxes on the same property (link below). That time, then governor Manchin, used the excuse that he thought Gayle paid it, and she thought he had. It’s possible this time that they were so busy with the move to DC to become a US Senator that it completely slipped their minds.
It’s not like Joe Manchin hasn’t been back and forth to WV since taking his new job in DC. In fact, less than two weeks into his federal job, he was seen at the Cabell County Courthouse and later that same evening at a social function. This author saw him several weeks ago crossing over the bridge connecting Macorkle Ave to interstate 64 in South Charleston. He was driving his black GMC Yukon bearing WV license plate 22.
He was also seen twice leaving Hawksyard Lane in Charleston in the same vehicle during the same time period he was traveling around the state meeting with his “constituents.” Its not known if the property tax on the GMC Yukon, registered to Joseph Manchin III, is current or not. There is no record of it on this website even though the number “22” license plate comes back to him and his address. One source states that there is no record that shows Manchins taxes on his motorcycle, airplane, boat or collection of vehicles has been paid either.

Gayle Manchin has also been back and forth to WV as well. While in the Charleston area, they both reportedly stay at the Havana Drive address.

In closing

Freshman US Senator Manchin did not get off on the good foot with the people of WV when he missed key votes in the Senate back in December that could effect the future of WV. He is once again neglecting his responsibilities as a current tax paying property owner in WV.

On the job less than 4 months, being a US Senator has offered him perks that include at least one recent trip to Pakistan and Afghanistan on the American people’s dollar. He told the Charleston Newspaper that, “I knew that the first trip I wanted to take; -- we're going to be voting on our budget, on cuts in our own country, I wanted to see the major commitment that has been made in Afghanistan and Iraq,"

Manchin said. "It was imperative for it to be my first trip." And, he said the situation in Afghanistan is quite complex and expressed concern about Pakistan, whose alliance with America seems to perpetually waver. "I want to see them step up to the plate, there's no question about that, and see them work as a true ally," Manchin said.

In using his own words, the people of this state would like to see him personally “step up to the plate," and see him work as a true ally for this states needs. Also, pay your back taxes! Unlike most residents of this state, he can afford to step up and pay up.
.............. ***Update... Less than 24 hours after this story posted, Manchin paid his back taxes***

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Manchins 2010 Tax Record

Manchins 2009 Tax Record

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