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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Senator Manchin’s Public Statements Show Lack Of Decision Making

Being Indecisive And Self Serving Is Not In The Best Interest Of West Virginians ... by Jack Swint

“Instead of this election-year rhetoric, Joe Manchin needs to explain to West Virginians why he so proudly supported Barack Obama three years ago, despite his anti-coal record, and then offer three simple words – ‘I am sorry.’”…NRSC spokesman Brian Walsh
We The People - Not Me Joe Manchin
Media stories coming out of Washington DC say that Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin admits he is unsure whether he'll vote for his party's leader, President Barack Obama, or the likely Republican nominee Mitt Romney. In a statement Friday, the West Virginia lawmaker said he had "some real differences" with both leaders, finding fault with Obama's energy and economic policies while questioning whether Romney could understand the challenges facing ordinary people.
"I strongly believe that every American should always be rooting for our president to do well, no matter which political party that he or she might belong to," Manchin said. "With that being said, many West Virginians believe the last 3 1/2 years haven't been good for us, but we're hopeful that they can get better." In an interview with National Journal published Friday, Manchin said he will "look at the options" in casting his presidential vote. Elaborating in Friday's statement, he criticized Romney, saying "there are many West Virginians who believe that he's out of touch, especially because of his plan to end Medicare as we know it and privatize Social Security."

Where, in Manchin’s statements does he say this vote is for and by the citizens of WV? Manchin takes the approach that it is his own decision and his own vote, not ours. Before making these self-serving comments, does he travel to WV and hold town meetings or public arena’s asking West Virginians what we want? No, he is making these choices on his own with no care of what everyone in this state needs.
His latest public statement on April 19th, 2012, Manchin admits that he is not even sure how to vote, either for Obama or Romney, this shows Manchin’s indecision making and how he isn’t even standing with his own Democratic Party. He is considered one of the more moderate Senate Democrats, and has broken with his party on several issues as he seeks re-election this year. When Barack Obama was the Democratic nominee for President in 2008, he had no greater friend and supporter than then-West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin, despite Obama’s demonstrated record as an anti-coal, big government liberal.
How Indecisive And Self Serving Is Manchin?
Whether it was claiming to oppose Obama-Care and then voting for it, claiming to be a fiscal conservative even after supporting the Obama spending policies, or now claiming to oppose President Obama after unabashedly supporting him in 2008, Senator Manchin has shown a remarkable willingness to literally say or do anything to win re-election. National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) spokesman Brian Walsh said...  “Instead of this election-year rhetoric, Joe Manchin needs to explain to West Virginians why he so proudly supported Barack Obama three years ago, despite his anti-coal record, and then offer three simple words – ‘I am sorry.’”
If you remember, at press conferences and campaign events a few years back, Manchin said he was “totally committed to Senator Barack Obama being the next President of the United States,” and routinely shared his view that Obama was the right leader at the right time to lead America forward and get the economy back on track.  And even after Obama lost West Virginia by 13 points in the 2008 election, Manchin still wholeheartedly endorsed Obama’s massive stimulus spending bills, telling West Virginians that the Obama stimulus “would make a big difference in the job market” and that it had provided a “shot in the arm” to West Virginia.
Of course, now that he’s in the Senate where he is facing re-election and sharing the top of the ticket with a President who is still deeply unpopular in West Virginia and only after our country has suffered under three years of failed Obama economic policies, longtime politician Joe Manchin is suddenly singing a different tune. Keep in mind, WV has backed a Republican candidate in the last three presidential elections, and Obama did not fare well in 2008. Obama lost to GOP nominee Sen. John McCain, 56-43 percent, and was overwhelmed by Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Democratic primary, losing 67-26 percent. So, if Manchin wants to hedge his personal best interests, maybe he should go with Romney and jump the fence and become a Republican.
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