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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Manchin – Tomblin & Rahall Have A Duty To Attend Democratic Convention

Convention Has More To Offer Than Just A Presidential Nomination...by Jack Swint

The personal decisions from Senator Manchin, Governor Tomblin and Congressman Rahall not to attend the upcoming Democratic Convention is not only a slap in the face to their fellow Dems; but also to each and every resident of this state. These 3 politicians have forgotten the fact that the people of this state elected them and their sole job is to represent the interest of each and every person in WV. They appear to think that they can come and go as they please and the only people they serve are theme selves.

2012 Convention Promoted As Most Open And Accessible In History

According to the 2012 convention media releases, this convention is not only focused on the democratic nomination for president, it is also being promoted "to be the most open and accessible in history." And, "It isn’t about political ritual or simply renominating the president, it’s about Americans coming together." In that same spirit of everyone coming together at this years convention, Vice President Joe Biden sent an email this week asking Americans across the country to participate in this year’s convention. He wants you to let him know you’ll be there. So why can’t are top elected officials attend?

Manchin’s excuse for not going… "I intend to spend this fall focused on the people of West Virginia, whether that's representing them in my official U.S. Senate duties or here at home, where I can hear about their concerns and ideas to solve the problems of this great nation." Instead, he should be attending the 4-day convention actually engaging the American spirit and enlisting fellow politicians who want to put their shoulder to the wheel and change the country for the better overall! It’s just 4 days Manchin, not the entire "fall."

Governor Tomblin’s campaign spokesperson Chris Stadleman says that Tomblin decided who to back in November when discussing his decision to opt out of attending the convention. And how he has serious problems with both Governor Romney and President Obama. "The Governor feels that his time is best spent working in West Virginia to move our state forward instead of attending a four-day political rally in North Carolina."

The mindset of Manchin, Tomblin and Rahall should be, how can we use this convention to bring together a high energy level of networking between all democratic politicians across the country. Who knows, maybe they could come away with some new ideas to solve our states jobless, homeless and economic problems. Its not like they couldn’t use some new ideas. Not to mention the fact they have an obligation to the people of WV to be represented. It comes with the job.

Both Manchin and Tomblin say they want success for WV. Well, doesn’t that success depend on their involvement from the grassroots level all the way up the ladder to the national? While each state Democratic Party’s selection process is unique, the party has a long history of sending delegates to the convention that represent ‘every part of America.’

The West Virginia Republican Party was quick to condemn Tomblin and Manchin over the news. "We all know the only reason they're refusing to attend the DNC Convention is they're afraid to tell the people of West Virginia who they support for President, and any attempt to suggest otherwise is political spin aimed at purposefully misleading the voters," said West Virginia GOP Chairman Conrad Lucas in a statement.

The president remains very unpopular in West Virginia, where a dominant coal industry has objected to his environmental regulatory policies. Despite a sweeping victory in 2008, Obama still lost the state by 13 percentage points. In the West Virginia Democratic primary earlier this spring, a Texas federal inmate managed to earn more than 40 percent against the president.

In Closing

Manchin is hiding behind a poorly made up excuse of allegedly wanting to spend time meeting with constituents instead of attending the convention. What quality time does he spend here in WV meeting with the people unless it’s an opportunity for some photographs for his election campaign?

Tomblin’s excuse is no better, so he made up his mind who he is going to cast his ‘super delegate’ support for. What about the welfare of the people of WV? Even though were not all democrats, there is a good chance he could learn something for us all by attending.

Maybe when it comes time to vote for these 3 men in their re-election bids, we should all take their attitude and just stay home instead of going to the polls to vote for them.

End Of Story….

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Anonymous said...

If you support someone, say it... If not, say it. These cowards lost my vote!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm done with em all. I'd soon vote for Obama then either Manchin or Tomblin and I cant stand Obama.

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