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Monday, October 3, 2011

Prominent Greyhound Breeder Questions WV Governor Tomblins Ethics

In 2008 Greyhound Breeder Dean Miner Stated Tomblins Ethics Were Less Than That Of A Child Molester

“I sent my small donation to support the GOV in his re-election campaign. Please donate to this cause we need this Gov A whole lot more than he need us so we need to support him. Live Racing is in his Family and his Blood.” Greyhound Member, 2011

A Lot Can Occur In Just A Few Years…

Back in October of 2008, Greyhound owner-breeder Dean Miner of Wheeling WV accused then Senate President Earl Ray Tomblin (now Governor) of having ethics “less than that of a child molester.” He said this in an interview with WV News while also claiming that then WV Racing Commissioner George Sidiropolis was trying to bribe him out of $50,000 in order to become a greyhound kennel owner.

Now, in September 2011 this same Dean Miner supports Earl Ray Tomblin (pictured to the upper left) for governor and has solicited his Greyhound partners to donate thousands to Tomblins campaign for governor. In fact, Miner says he donated $1,000 himself and claims that former senate majority leader and lobbyist, Troy Hendricks along with Senator Stollings hand delivered all of the Greyhound donations to Tomblin personally on their behalf.

But, as we will explain below, Miners support for the governor is more out of fear and his own personal greed.

We recently obtained correspondence between Miner and other greyhound owner-breeders that occurred from May 2011 through July showing the real reason Greyhound Industry is supporting Tomblin with money. It’s more out worry that if they don’t contribute, he won’t look favorably upon them down the road.

On May 15, 2011 at 11:28 pm Miner writes…“when the dust settles, do you really want Gov. Tomblin reviewing that the greyhound community didn't support him?”

On this same date, Miner makes another entry stating, “You can't do better in this lifetime, but to have a Governor who has family that owns greyhounds, a kennel and a farm.  If you don't get involved now then I don't know what to say.  Not to mention that WV is the richest Greyhound State and thus, produces the greatest National trickle down effect.”

Other reported industry members, Martin Roper, Eric Christopher Klotz, Dick Ciampa, Brian, Stan, Bob Crossland and Ed Gardner also commented on the forum discussion lead by Dean Miner. “My check along with Dick's, Dutch's and any others that I may receive will be hand delivered to Governor Tomblin.  It's been my experience hand delivering goes a long, long way.”

Crossland commented on May 23, 2011 that… I sent my small donation to support the GOV in his re-election campaign. Please donate to this cause we need this Gov A whole lot more than he need us so we need to support him. Live Racing is in his Family and his Blood.”

Miner goes on to write again on July 31, 2011… “The Governor is going to win in a landslide and he is well funded.  Do you really want him in office with his campaign treasurer noticing that the greyhound community did not support him?  Gee whiz...”

These quotes are taken from the “American Greyhounds” Forum that Dean Miner started a link on May 15, 2011. (Link below) He starts out by saying…”During my little speech at the NGA banquet I implored members to go to earlraytomblin.com and send in a contribution to Mr. Tomblin's re election bid. I urge all greyhound folks to visit the website and send in a contribution of any size.  Tell'em, it's from a greyhound man/woman.”

Miner asks members to send “personal checks or money orders” (because he says they can’t be business checks) to his personal home address in Wheeling for hand delivery to Tomblin. He also recognizes others who sent him check donations for Tomblin. Neil Abrahamson, Dutch Koerner,  Hal Gill, Janice Abrahamson and a man by the nickname “Guy In A Tie.”

On July 30, 2011 Miner posts…“Kudos to Donald J. Black and Mike Harris for submitting sizable donations to the Governor.”

Claims Of Extortion And Past E-mails And Postings By Dean Miner

If Dean Miners name sounds familiar, he was the topic of newspaper headlines across the state this past weekend as being yet the victim once again of an alleged bribery attempt for another $50,000. This time, the FBI made an arrest of a Florida man who allegedly sent Dean Miner E-Mails demanding money or else he would turn over reportedly damaging video’s showing abuse of greyhound dogs being trained in Oklahoma.

Back in 2008 Miner accused than WV racing commissioner George Sidiropolis of trying to bribe him out of $50,000 too. He claims that the former racing commissioner actually had a bag man named “Don Dodd” who was suppose to pick up the cash and deliver it to Sidiropolis. The bribe was supposed to be for Miner to obtain a greyhound racing kennel permit at the Wheeling track.

In three e-mails and one tape recorded conversation, Miner claimed how he and partner Vince Berland were told that it was mandatory to pay off Sidiropolis. (Story below)  

Also in 2008 E-Mails and other documents outlined Miners alleged involvement in the slaughter of Greyhound race dogs that could no longer produce money from racing. Those E-mails between Dean Miner and Kansas owner-breeders Lance Berland detail how dogs are euthanized because of injury and age.  Here is one of those e-mails…. Sent, January 26th, 2008 at 20:39:14 from Dean Miner to Lance Berland...
“Lance: We’ve gotten killed in the last 10 days. Flying McGrath sprained a hock winning AA. Maloy broke a hock last week. Tarragon a hock tonight…doneeuthanasia. Flying Ace and Flat Out Harley; Kay Dancemaker broke bones in his foot. Doves Augustus off limping today in AA.”

Lance Berlands reply… "As far as the injuries, five of those dogs are older and they are all males… Put them down if they can’t be expected to return to racing.” Miner goes on in other e-mails actually referring to one former greyhound dog as being…"just a cheap little dog that made us a lot of money"

This is also the same Dean Miner who once accused former WV Governor, now US Senator Joe Manchin of making advances towards his wife.

In Closing

We all have our skeletons that come back to haunt us from time to time…

Dean Miner is a professional gambler and greyhound breeder-owner and operator. He is considered a leader in the WV Greyhound Industry who now claims to support Governor Tomblin even though he once said Tomblins ethics are lower than that of a child molester.

It appears his writings from May 2011 to July 2011 show the true intent and reasons why Miner and the Greyhound Industry really supports Tomblin for governor. It's out of fear of reprisal down the road if he gets elected and see’s they did not financially support him. And also because they all have something in common in keeping the money pouring into their pockets from the pain, misery and death of the dogs that perform on the racetrack. Or, is it a combination of both….

One last thought in regards to the alleged tapes that the FBI may have obtained in the recent arrest of a Florida man for allegedly trying to extort money from Dean Miner. Reports state that those alleged tape(s) have very incriminating evidence of cruelty to greyhound dogs being abused in Oklahoma.

If they really do exist, maybe the Feds will examine them and if abuse is evident, they will pursue charges against the guilty.

Note: If anyone would like a copy of the "American Greyhound Forum" posting by Dean Miner and Associates, please e-mail WestVirginiaNews@gmail.com . We anticipate someone deleting the below link on the internet after this story is published, so we copied it.

End of Story,  

Jack Swint-Publisher
WV News 2011
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